The BPM Sound Experience


The Sound Experience is where you’ll be able to hear and compare speakers and sound systems in a dedicated suite.

Each manufacturer will get a 10 minute demo slot, 3 times per day.

You’ll have the chance to hear each individual system or speaker soloed so that you can experience the full sound and quality of the speaker / system without interruption from other sound sources within the room.
It’s the perfect way to demo a speaker in a large space, just like at an event!


where will the bpm
sound experience be?


The Sound Experience is really easy to find as it’s also very close to the show entrance/exit.

The Sound Experience is located in the diamond suite which will be clearly signposted when you enter the show, it’s simply a case of turning right as you enter the show and turning right again towards the diamond suite. From here follow the single corridor around the band and you’re in the sound experience but we’ll sure you’ll hear it before you see it!


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