ShowNET OEM laser mainboard available for integrators

The multi-functional laser mainboard ShowNET is available to laser system manufacturers, by using as a main board in a laser system makes it an intelligent lighting device: The ShowNET is a Digital to Analogue Convertor (DAC) for laser software such as Showcontroller and comes with a full license for Showeditor Laser Software for free. It also is an ArtNET node and can be triggered by DMX so Professional lighting designers appreciate the additional professional DMX mode that provides advanced control options with lighting consoles, like safety zones over DMX, color balancing of the laser or RGB color wheel support.

Besides the trigger control options, ShowNET can be operated in various stand-alone operation modes as well as sound to light (microphone board available on request). The contents of the memory on the ShowNET board can be customized with standard ILDA files, which can be created with the included Showeditor software or any other software capable to export standard ILDA files. 

With integrating the standard ShowNET set, it is still possible to operate the laser system via ILDA signal (switch board provided in the set). It is also possible to omit the ILDA connectors and just go via LAN connection. It is also possible to feed any ILDA signal to the integrated ShowNET board (receiver) via LAN connection by using an external ShowNET interface box as a sender via ILDA streaming.

The standard ShowNET integrator’s set contains the following components: ShowNET mainboard, ILDA switch board, mode selection and addressing board, RJ-45 LAN socket with connecting wire, pre-made wires for connecting all components included in the set. Step by step integration instructions are provided on request/purchase.

The MSRP for the ShowNET laser mainboard set is 249 € excl. VAT, excl. shipping.

The recommended laser control software upgrade can be downloaded at

The included laser control software can be downloaded at:

Further details on the ShowNET laser mainboard to be found at

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