Novopro to Distribute Ortofon

Novopro are proud to announce that as from 1st April 2021, they will become the sole distributor for Ortofon DJ products in the UK. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in the DJ marketplace will help develop the strength and presence of Ortofon within the UK.

Ortofon has always been a leading company in the field of sound reproduction. Founded in Copenhagen in 1918, Ortofon started by creating technology which served as the basis for adding a soundtrack to the silent movies of the early 1920s.

Today Ortofon is the world leader in cartridges, both for HiFi and DJ. This is the result of combining design with technology and the highest level of engineering in the audio industry. Acoustics, materials technology and micro mechanics are key competences in Ortofon’s technological prowess.

Ortofon has its research and manufacturing facilities in Denmark; the production of cartridges and components is carried out at the company’s factory in Nakskov, Denmark.

Ortofon is today recognised among consumers and industry professionals as a quality brand and from the 1st April 2021, will be distributed by Novopro in the UK.

Ortofon has a long history of delivering DJ cartridges and feels strongly connected to the DJ culture. Partnering with Gerry Frost and his team at Novopro Ltdwill allow us to provide a strong combination of industry expertise and iconic products for our DJ customers in the UK” comments Ortofon.

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