Brilliant C.O.B. LED Color Mixing On The Move

ADJ is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest new model to join its PAR Z range. The PAR Z Move RGBW is a C.O.B. LED color mixing moving head par fixture that is ideal for fixed installation in theatres, churches, concert venues and nightclubs as well as for the temporary production of concerts, theatrical performances, festivals and dance events.

ADJ’s PAR Z series of next generation par fixtures offer the aesthetic appearance and beam characteristics of a traditional halogen par can but with the low power, low heat, long life advantages of LED technology. The range began with static models, was enhanced with the Par Z Move warm white moving head par and has now expanded again with the introduction of the PAR Z Move RGBW. This compact, versatile and potent moving head par offers full RGBW color mixing to provide lighting designers with unlimited creative potential.

The PAR Z Move RGBW harnesses the power of a 300W C.O.B. (Chip on Board) LED engine which generates an even wash and extremely smooth color mixing with no color shadows. By combining varied amounts of the red, green, blue and white primary LED color elements, users can achieve an almost limitless palette of colors including bold vibrant hues and subtle pastel shades. It also offers variable color temperature for white light washes, making it an ideal fixture for stage lighting, covering both key light and color washing duties.

A flexible fixture, the PAR Z Move RGBW is fitted with a moving head base that offers 540-degrees of pan and 200-degrees of tilt motion, with 16-bit fine motor control for precise positioning and smooth movements. In addition, it also boasts motorized focus that can be used to alter the beam angle remotely between a tight 9-degrees and a wide 37-degrees. This means that the fixture can be used both to generate narrow shafts of light for creating aerial effects and broad washes to illuminate stages, dancefloors or scenic elements.

The large backlit display screen on the base of the unit makes both mode selection and DMX addressing extremely easy. The fixture offers a choice of three DMX control modes – 13, 15 and 16-channels – as well as a whole host of customizable settings including LED refresh rate and gamma adjustment, pan/tilt inversion and display brightness/inversion. It is also equipped with a USB port, which allows for quick and easy firmware updates, and is compatible with the RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol.

With dimensions of 12.05” x 8.6” x 17.63” / 306 x 218 x 448mm and a weight of 25 lbs. / 11.3 kg., the PAR Z Move RGBW has a robust build quality and is ideal for both touring and permanent installation. It can be used in any orientation and is fitted with large rubber feet that allow it to stand firmly on a stage, riser or plinth. A pair of Omega brackets are also supplied in the box, which can be used to attach clamps for rigging to truss, overhead electrics or line sets.

The fixture is equipped with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input/output sockets, for easy integration into any existing DMX system, as well as twist locking power input and output sockets. These can be used to link together the power supply for up to four fixtures at 120V and as many as eight fixtures at 230V.

The fixture offers smooth 0 – 100% digital dimming, with variable speed and a choice of six different curves. It is also equipped with a Silent Mode that will cause the fans only to activate when the LED is illuminated. This is essential for many theatre and house of worship applications when complete silence is required at certain times within a performance or service.

“The whole PAR Z Series, but particularly the PAR Z Move that we released earlier this year, has proved extremely popular with lighting designers looking for versatile LED-powered key lighting / wash fixtures,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “However our customers were quick to tell us that they would value the combination of the PAR Z Move’s moving base and the color mixing ability of the static PAR Z120 RGBW model. As a company it is our policy to always try to act on customer feedback to produce the products that lighting designers and other lighting professionals desire, which is why we are now pleased to introduce the PAR Z Move RGBW to the market. Offering punchy output, versatile color mixing and agile movement, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications including key light, back light and mid-air beam effects.”

The Par Z Move RGBW is available now from ADJ USA , and will become available mid August 2019 from ADJ Europe. It joins the warm white PAR Z100 3K, cool white PAR Z100 5K and color mixing PAR Z120 RGBW static models, as well as the corresponding PAR ZP100 3K and PAR ZP120 RGBW polished chrome versions, and the PAR Z Move warm white moving head to form the current line-up of the ADJ PAR Z Series.

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