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The future success of BPM, the UK’s leading DJ exhibition, has now been secured with the creation of a new company, BPM Shows Ltd, and a strategy for taking the show to new heights. The announcement comes in the wake of the extraordinary success of BPM 2018, which beat the odds to return in October 2018, drawing thousands of visitors to Birmingham’s Cranmore Park.

The resurgence of BPM follows the collapse of the show’s former owner and the rapid formation of a last-minute rescue plan by a number of affected companies who worked closely with Pete Williams of Mobile DJ Network (MDJN). The result was BPM 2018, which eschewed the expense and scale of the show’s recent past and instead turned the focus towards a less costly, more business friendly environment. The results won universal praise from exhibitors and visitors alike, prompting the decision to form a long-term plan for the exhibition’s future.

That plan has now taken shape under the leadership of two new Show Directors, Steven Boys and Jack Wilson, both of whom bring a depth of events organisation experience which will propel BPM forward. They will benefit from the support of a team of well-known industry figures, including Mark Parkhouse and Kris Dawber, who played key roles in the 2018 rescue plan. While MDJN will return its focus to supporting its membership, it will continue as an active participant in and supporter of the show alongside developing exciting new services going forward.

“We are very proud to officially announce the return of BPM, not as a last-minute rescue plan but as an exhibition with a future and a strategy for supporting the industry,” commented new Show Director Jack Wilson.
“Our plan is rooted in the success of previous years – an affordable annual event that offers true return on investment and which grows at the rate the industry needs”

Steven Boys added: “We also want our visitors and the wider industry to let us know what they want from BPM. Those opinions are at the heart of making BPM a success and we would love to hear from you.”

Visitors to BPM should expect a who’s who of DJ specific audio and lighting companies plus full real-world demonstrations of the DJ kit you can’t find anywhere else.

bpm show



bpm show

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Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson

Show & Marketing Director


Kristian Dawber

Kristian Dawber

Show & Logistics Director


mark parkhouse

mark parkhouse

Show & Sales Director


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